ESOP 2018


What people think first when they hear ´Munich´

Most people think first the famous football-club!
The club wins nearly every year the German Mastership:

After 6 titles the ´German Mastership is boring´ - only a Double with the ´German Cup´ is still interesting:

Occultations by Minor Planets are sience, but it has also elements of sports.
A Double in a year is nothing special - but a Double in a night is an interesting target.

At Pentecost 2015 there was a chance of a Double in only 20 minutes!

The violett line is 656-Beagle and the yellow line is 58-Concordia.

Position und Zeit wurden durch Abfilmen eines GPS-Gerätes ermittelt

Unfortuantely the weather was bad.

Nevertheless it was possible to take a positive observation of Beagle in a cloudhole in Rheda-Wiedenbrück.