At the 31.7.2016 the minorplanet 24-Themis has occulted a 12 mag star. Before the event I´ve checked the target field via Palomar Sky Survey at
On the POSS-1 picture is a little comet visible.

The comet is at the position RE 21:55:20  DE -13:53:30.

The plate was selected via the POSS-Plate-Finder at The picture was made at 29.June.1982 17:53 UT at the Anglo Australien Observatory. It´s part of the SERC-J Survey. The exposuretime was 60min. The comet was slowly!

With the JPL Small Bodies Data Browsers are all comets calculated which are visible at that time. Nothing fits to the position. Similar is the situation with The MPChecker shows only a minor planet nearby. It´s (4270) Juanvictoria. The position of Juanvictoria don´t fit to the position of the comet.

To check the comet I´ve fitted the comet with the right orientation relative to the stars into a skychart of the australian sky.
At 29.June.1982 17:53 UT the sun and the moon were more than 18 degree below the horizon. The area of the comet was 70 degree above the horizon.

The comet was near the ecliptic and has 140 degree distance from the sun. So the gas-trail is very short. Length and position of the gas-trail fits to the position of the sun. The longer and better visible trail is the dust-trail. The comet looks real!!
- Maybe it´s undiscovered. 1982 is 34 years ago. At that time there were no much observers active on the southern hemisphere.




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