(9) Metis verfinstert HIP 78193


During the last years there was a decrease in succesful observations of asteroid occultations. The reason is the decline in the quality of star positions. The Hipparchos-mission is several years ago and the Geia-mission is far away. At the 7. of March 2014 was the best chance for a long time to get a positive result.
Metis is an early discovered asteroid with 200km diameter. It has the number 9 in the asteroid-catalogs.
The occultation had a good chance for good weather because the shadow path was visible on the north side and on the south side of the alps.

My position was near Schongau on the north side of the alps. At the begin of the observation the conditions were perfect. But at he occultation there were problems with fog.

The integration time has to be rise up to 5.12 seconds.

The result was positive but the quality was very bad:
Position: 47:43:39 n.B. 11:01:35 o.L
Video Start: 3:00:00 UT
Occultation Start: 3:09:06,269 UT
Occultation Ende: 3:09:16,593 UT
Video End 3:11:25 UT
Dauer: 10,24 s
Bildrate: 0.1953 fps
Gerät: 150mm f/5 Spiegel + Watec
Zeit: PC-Clock

Many observers were succesful and the form of Metis was clearly visible.

My shadow-path is the number 9.


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